White Nano Crystallized Glass Vanitytops With Mitered Edge

Nano-crystallized glass Vanitytops
Color: Absolute white
Vanitytops with 3" mitered edge

Product Details

White Nano Crystallized Glass Vanitytops with Mitered Edge


White Nano Crystallized Glass

Nano Glass is a classic beauty because it is very smooth to the touch and looks amazing!
If your want a sleek, glossy and elegant kitchen countertops, please consider Nano Glass!

It's superior quality makes Nano Glass the best choice for countertops and Vanitytops.

Nano Glass is perfect for:
kitchen countertops, full backsplashes, tabletops, bathroom vanity tops, walls, floors, windowsills, walls, all commercial applications: hotels, restaurants, etc.

Standard dimension for Slabs:

240-300cm Length x 140-160cm Width x1.8cm / 2cm /3cm

Nano crystallized glass slabs 1.jpg

Nano crystallized glass

Nano crystallized glass slabs 2.jpg

Nano crystallized glass

Nano crystallized glass slabs.jpg

Nano crystallized glass

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Contact 1:  Sophy Zhou

Email: sophy@yalitong-stone.com

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Email: lily@yalitong-stone.com

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