White Granite Paving

White Granite Paving
Natural Stone G603 China Light Grey Granite Flamed cubic stone for Paving

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We offer our customers a variety of styles, finishes, shades and sizes of White granite for paving. Your home and landscape design can be easily matched to our choices, while the practical qualities and ceramic tiles of our granite pavers guarantee lasting performance.


Dimension: cubic stone 9x9x2.5cm, 24pcs on mat with overall size 64x39x2.5cm

Finish: Flamed surface, other sides sawn, with glued netting back

Package: 57 pcs per crate


Granite is considered to be one of the most wearable and beautiful materials in the commercial and industrial fields as well as everyday household items worldwide. White granite for paving is a unique but color-compatible natural stone that is created both inside and outside the home. Modern sense. As a feature of the backyard, this stone forms an attractive aesthetic contrast with the garden and lawn, its strength and the prevention of debris, scratches and general wear make it highly practical.


cubic stone

Semi-finished #1

Granite mosaic

glue cubicstone with a mould #2

granite mosaic tiles for paving

Finished tiles  #3

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