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A brief introduction to marble tiles

May 15, 2017

Marble tiles, is the natural marble with lifelike texture, color and texture of a class of ceramic tile products, its natural marble with lifelike decorative effect and the superiority of ceramic tiles, discard all natural marble defects, it is the landmark innovation of the ceramic industry, is also the modern top-level ceramic tile manufacturing process masterpiece, is the following porcelain tiles, polished tiles, antique brick, microcrystalline ceramic tile after another new category.

Marble tiles in texture, color, texture, feel and visual effects of the full of natural marble to achieve lifelike effects, decorative effect even better than natural stone, marble tiles with lifelike decorative effect and superior practicality can win the favor of consumers, has developed into the field of ceramic tile mainstream products.

Ceramic tile team through the vitality of the thought of ceramics, in-depth study of home decoration trend, to the all-round needs of customers, the beauty of nature into the humanities fashion, from the quality of the introduction of Italy's unique craft, the launch of marble tiles, porcelain wooden series, polished tiles, antique brick, porcelain and other products, to create a "natural, stylish, minimalist" ceramic art. The perfect substitute for marble, solid wood flooring, natural beauty, to protect ecological resources, to integrate into the advantages of fashion art marble tiles, porcelain series category, leading the industry new trend, its entire product development process and the achievements created to create the architectural ceramics industry quality benchmarking.