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A brief introduction to Quartz brick

May 15, 2017

1. Quartz brick adopts special production technology and formula raw material, in the non-thermostatic calcination and pressure and other conditions, the formation of quartz crystal-like dense structure in brick body, the water absorption rate of brick body is very low <0.1%, high density, hardness, bending, abrasion resistance, antifouling.

2. The raw material preparation of quartz brick is extremely demanding, to meet the quartz brick reproduction of natural stone texture rich, lifelike sense of touch and visual sense; restoring the whole body texture of natural stone, quartz brick masonry is the perfect combination of its decorative effect and practicability, which is a substitute for natural stone.

3. Quartz brick in the modern production technology, the raw materials contain no radioactive contamination of heavy metal impurities, no radiation, and discard the natural stone existence of large chromatic aberration, defects, easy seepage seepage pollution, difficult to manage, high prices and long supply cycle and other defects.