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Basic Stone Knowledge Analysis

Feb 25, 2021

Q: What does Granite usually say about 60 heads, 70 heads, 80 heads mean?

A: A board with 60 heads generally refers to A width of 60, but the length is unlimited.For example, the 60-head fingerhair glossy plate is a little more than 60 (allowance), used to do 60 high finished board;Ditto for 70 heads and 80 heads.In addition, 750mm is also counted as 70 heads, but the loss of more just.

Q: How to classify raw materials because of different plastic methods?

A: (1) Saw face cut: Saw all six faces

(2) cutting waste: only part of the six surfaces is cut.

Q: What are the factors that affect stone processing?

A :(1) Hardness -- The greater the hardness, the more difficult the machining, and the greater the wear on the tool.

(2) mineral composition and chemical composition - such as granite quartz and feldspar content is about high, the more difficult to process.

(3) the structure of the rock - such as uniform particles, fine, high density of stone is easy to process.

Q: Why are stones numbered?

A :(1) Convenient processing

(2) easy to identify

(3) conducive to on-site construction and installation

(4) It is easy to control color difference and track grain alignment

Q: Why do stones have to be edged?

A: To decorate the side trim and corner joints for smooth transition.Generally, the light edge is seen by hand grinding machine or manual electric edge grinding machine.

Q: What's the use of skimming the bottom and surface of the stone?

A: In order to make the contact point of various stone materials at the corner just on the sharp point of the Angle, people can feel the stability and density of the corner, and highlight the overall effect.The general use of hand cutting machine according to different materials using the forward and back skimming.

Q: What is the difference between a stone pillar and a circular plate?

A: The difference lies in that the circular plate is only used to wrap the decorative cylinder, which is part of the outer surface of the cylinder.Stone columns are solid or hollow core integral or spliced columns.

Q: What is sandblasting?

A: Use ordinary river sand or emery instead of high-pressure water to wash the stone surface, forming A smooth decorative surface with frosted effect.