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Carrara White Marble Products

Mar 30, 2021

The application of white stone in decorative design is more and more popular, in a variety of white color stones, carrara white is a very eye-catching option.

Carrara White  bathroom

This marble is quarried from Italy, which is a white background with grey grain, including grey spots or strips of grey veining.


In people's idea, white stands for nobility, purity and holiness.White returns a kind of quietly elegant, downy feeling to a person, at the same time the application of white marble also can let a space look bigger. As a result, Carrara white marble has become a favorite option for designers, for many high-end and luxury houses, Carrara white marble has always been chosen for decoration.

Carrara White

It is used widely to make tabletop, Vanitytops , bathroom integral basin, flooring tiles, wall decoration, sculpture, fireplace, Mosaic, column and bay window. It can make life unique with your own taste and elegancy.

Carrara White tabletop