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Chinese Granite

Jul 20, 2017

China is one of the world’s leading suppliers of granite, rich in color and pattern.

The common Chinese granite can be divided into 6 series by color, and major colors for each series are as below.


1.      Yellow Series—

G682 Golden Yellow

G9683 Summer Yellow

G9623 Chrysanthemum Yellow

2.      Grey Series—

G603 China Grey

G640 Luna Pearl

G655 Tong’an White

3.      Black Series—

G654 Padang Dark

G684 Fujian Black

G8300 Shanxi Black

G8301 Mongolia Black

4.      Red Series—

G664 Bainbrook Brown

G681 Sunglow Pink

G562 Maple Red

G635 Peach Rose

5.      Green Series—

G8156 Pretty Green

G8157 China Green

G8152 Yanshan Green

6.      White Series—

G439 Navajo White

G8127 Pearl White


These Chinese granites are commonly used as kitchen tops, vanity tops, table tops and floor tiles

due to their excellent quality, bright colors and economic prices.

If you have any rate inquirey about Chinese Granite, please feel free to contact us at 

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