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Does White Marble Stain

Jan 24, 2019

When it comes to select kitchen countertops or bathroom vanity tops, Classic white marble remains the top option for many homeowners. There is no surprise that marble countertops are natural and so popular, because it creates a really lovely natural pattern. Each block is different.

However, white marble is not a perfect product.

For example, White carrara is good quality white marble from Italy, actually White marble can be stained if you don't take care of it well.

Bianco Carrara

White Carrara

White Carrara

Vanity tops

White marble countertops

Bianco Carrara

For white marble, the most popular choices remain polished surface, which looks glossy, or honed, which appears matt. We need to concern about acid etching, so at some point, we recommend honed surface. Because for a polished surface, etching is going to turn it dull and make the etching more visible. 

For both polished and honed surface of white marble, we always do the sealer treatment with a penetrating oil-based sealer, which is an essential way to bring long-term performance, and help to avoid lightly stains.

In order to avoid any possible stain, please do accordingly:

  1. Rub white marble countertops regularly with a slightly wet cloth with mild detergent. Then wipe and polish with a clean soft cloth;

  2. If white marble countertops were spoiled by any coffee or juice or other cooking ingredient, please remove and clean the tops with mild detergent immediately.

  3. If it is stained unluckily, you can buy professional cleaner to clean the marble surface.

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