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How to maintain granite Countertops

Jun 20, 2018

1. Do the water sealer treatment on the granite countertops before the installation

Granite is porous material, with improper care, they are easily scratched. The sealer treatment can form a protective layer on the granite countertops to protect the surface. This protective layer also makes the granite surface very smooth and shiny. But as time goes on, the protective layer will wear away gradually. Therefore, the stone renovation and maintenance company should be regularly required to reseal the granite countertops.

2. Do not drag the kitchen equipments from the granite countertops

Mixers, food processors, stoves and agitators are heavy equipment. They may have sharp edges inside, and these sharp edges will scratch granite countertops possibly. To avoid this situation, please do not drag heavy objects on granite surface. If the kitchen equipment is too heavy, ask someone to help lift or use foam pads on the bottom of equipments. Foam pad is very helpful for moving objects, and also can avoid scratching on the granite countertops.

3. Do not use sharp objects on granite countertops

Granite countertops are often used to prepare food. Cutting things directly on the countertops will damage the tops and even leave unsightly scratches possibly. It is necessary to protect granite countertops when cutting food. You can also install a wooden chopping board on the granite countertops. If this method doesn't work, you can cut something on the granite countertops, but you must be more careful when cutting.

4. Do pay attention to the cleaning with neutral soap water solution

After cooking, the granite surface should be cleaned. What remains during preparing food will scratch granite countertops possibly. Clean the surface with a neutral soap solution to ensure that there are no harmful particles on the countertops. In addition, it is good to sponge the surface instead of grinding to lower the possiblity of scratches.