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How to maintain the beauty of a quartz countertop for many years?

Oct 24, 2017

Our artificial quartz is a man-made, engineered surface that is manufactured by using natural quartz crystals along with resin which makes the material to be a durable surface that can resemble natural materials such as marble or travertine but can also deliver a look all its own. 

Our quartz countertops are promoted with lots of advantages: They are stain resistant, waterproof, heat resistant, easy care, etc. and good choice for busy families in every room of the house. You can even install a pure white quartz countertop with no concerns.

Unlike natural stone countertops, a quartz countertop, even a white one, never needs to be sealed to maintain its resistance to moisture, stains, and other damage; which is its biggest benefit! But like other countertop materials, stain resistant quartz countertops are not completely indestructible. 

We may focus on a White quartz countertops:


A white quartz countertop can be spectacular. Meanwhile a white quartz countertop is also vulnerable to get staining from products such as red wine, tea, coffee, and tomato sauce, if it’s not cleaned up right away. In such cases, the staining liquid is not absorbed by the quartz countertop surface.

Staining occurs when the liquid reacts with the resin itself to create a discoloration that is difficult to be removed. The good news is that you can prevent these stains easily by cleaning up any spills immediately or by using protective surfaces such as trays, trivets, and cutting boards. 

Another cause of staining, particularly with a white quartz countertop, is improper cleaning. It’s true — sometimes the chemicals intended to get the kitchen bacteria-free and sparkling clean can actually make it look dirty. Avoid using any chemical containing solvents such as paint thinners, detergent, or oil soaps.

Also, do not use cleansers containing bleach. The best way to clean your quartz countertop is with a gentle soap, such as dishwashing liquid. For stubborn messes, Barkeeper’s Friend is a safe, nonabrasive cleanser. 

Scorch marks can ruin the appearance of a white quartz countertop, even when they are faint. Quartz is heat resistant, but not heat-proof. The resin is actually more likely to get damaged from heat exposure than natural stone. Be sure to use a trivet or hot pad when setting down pots and pans. 

Taking all the above guidelines into consideration will help you maintain the beauty of a quartz countertop for many years, even a pure white one, the possible problems can be easily avoided with careful notices. So quartz, it’s still one of the most worry-free, easy-care materials available in the market for countertops.