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How to make good quality Quartz Stone

Mar 16, 2018

        QUARTZ STONE is one of the most ideal materials for kitchen countertops and bathroom vanitytops. Quartz stone is composed of quartz crystal mineral as the main filler (with high purity of Sio2 99.9%), the unsaturated epoxy resin is used as binder, and stir it, the slabs are formed by the high pressure and high vibration.

         The main structure of quartz stone is natural quartz crystal minerals as high as 93%, that's the reason why the surface of quartz stone is smooth without scratches, non-porous and highly resistant to stains. Compared with other materials, quartz stone has the advantages of stain-resistant, scratch-resistant, high temperature resistance, and no much color variation.

  Natural quartz crystal minerals includes:

  • Quartz grain 0.1-0.4mm

  • Quartz grain 0.3-0.7m                               

  • Quartz grain 0.6-1.2mm

  • Quartz grain 1.2-2.5mm

  • Quartz grain 2.5-4.0mm

  • Quartz powder          

       The main reason to affect the quality of the slab is the production equipment. At present, the production process of quartz stone is mainly die-casting, and the tonnage of the press is the key to the quality of the sheet. In quartz production, each square force should be above 60 tonnage (the negative pressure should be above 98 in vacuum), and the density of the slab should be 2.3g/cm3

       As the end users, we would like to tell you it's easy to see the different quality of quartz stone slab through the material hardness, you can use iron such as keys, a fruit knife to scratch the surface of the slabs. As a result of scratch it is not qualified to see the white powder, If black comes out from the scratch, then the slabs are good quartz stone, Because quartz is only less harder than diamond, but more than Iron.