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How to purchase granite countertops from China?

Nov 02, 2017

How to purchase granite countertops from China?

Granite is a natural stone that is beautiful, extremely durable and can be used as a counter top surface in many rooms, including the bathrooms and kitchens. There are many companies that sell and fabricate granite in China, and there are literally hundreds of colors, styles and variations of granite available. In order to make the most knowledgeable granite purchase, several considerations should be made before making a final decision.

1. Visit a local granite showroom to view granite varieties that will best match your space. Granite comes in a nearly endless variety of styles, patterns and colors.

2. Collect samples of different granite types from the showroom and set them in the room you will install the granite. Compare and contrast the samples against the size and color of the cabinet and decoration in the room.

3. Determine the best match samples based on your style. Before finalizing your final selection, you can keep 2 or 3 colors as secondary options.

4. Finalize your granite colors selection, and then use a tape to measure the length and width of your counter top.

5. Locate 2 or 3 reputable granite fabricators & obtain estimates from each fabricator based on your granite options and dimensions. 

  • Select which edge will work best for you. There are different edge finishes available for the granite: single 2cm (3/4") or 3cm (1 1/4")  thickness with square edge, bullnose edge, ogee edge... or double laminated 1 1/2" bullnose edge, square edge or ogee edge. 

  • Discuss whether you will purchase an under mount, top mount, or seamed-in sink, as well as the faucet type you will purchase. All of these elements will factor into the cost of fabricating the granite.

6. If possible you may visit each potential fabricator's granite workshop to view the quality of their granite slabs and fabrication. 

7. Review all estimates and determine which fabricator can do your job well and win your trust. Base your decision on price, quality of product, quality of work, delivery time and communications. Finalize your final color selection and fabricator choice.

8. Read through the fabricator's contract, make necessary changes, and sign the contract. Place any required deposits and finalize your purchase.