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Inorganic Terrazzo Stone Benefits

Feb 05, 2021

Yalitong high performance inorganic stone is a new green product, not natural but better than natural stone. 

Inorganic eco-stone is mainly made of marble fragments, so it can highly restore the unique texture of marble. Its semi-industrialized building material characteristics bring up the advantages of standardized mass production, which is not easy to crack, make up for the natural defects of non-standardization of marble, and use the collision of different stone materials to deduce a new aesthetic combination. Technological inorganic terrazzo has the life of co-existence with architecture. The energy-saving characteristics of recycling waste are high-quality building materials with natural, aesthetic and environmental characteristics at the same time.

It mainly includes inorganic stone blocks, inorganic stone tiles, inorganic composite tiles, inorganic ultra-thin slabs, inorganic stone mosaic, inorganic stone products and so on. After tested by domestic and international authoritative organizations, the product performance has reached the international leading level, and became the preferred design elements for building decoration designers. The products are suitable for all kinds of construction project, indoor & outdoor decoration and special-shaped processing products. At present, the products are mainly used in subway, airport, square, villa, residential project, hotel, shopping malls, club and so on, and our terrazzo products win good reputation in chinese domestic and international markets.


The Five Top Technology Breakthroughs 

In Inorganic Artificial Terrazzo Stone

1. It comes out with blocks formed in vacuum with vibration, high production capacity.

2. It transcends the limitation that man-made stone can not be processed with flamed surface. Our terrazzo can be flamed, and no smoke toxicity.

3. It realizes pure inorganic stone can produce ultra-thin 1cm slabs, high tenacity.

4. The water absorption rate of pure inorganic stone is controlled within 0.3~0.55%, and the products installation is stable.

5. The large slabs can be directly polished, no wax required on the surface, polished degree above 80°.