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Keep supplying China Light Grey Granite

Jun 13, 2018

Although the original quarries of G603 were closed several years ago, the markets still demand a lot of this light grey granite, because it is very cheap option, specially for exterior decoration.

Our main products includes below items:

  1. Exterior tiles, mainly flamed finish for 3cm thickness

    60x60x3cm; 60x30x3cm; 30x30x3cm; 90x60x3cm;80x30x3cm;


2017-05-22 (17).jpg
2017-05-22 (28).jpg
2017-05-22 (66).jpg

2. Kerbstones

   100x25x12cm; 100x12x8cm


3. Cubic stone

   10x10x10cm; 10x10x5cm all sides natural split, but we do another finish as well: topside      flamed, other sides sawn.


2017-05-22 (120).jpg
2017-05-22 (106).jpg
2017-05-22 (118).jpg

If you get any new enquiry for our light grey granite, please contact us by export@yalitong-stone.com  Thanks