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Marble Materials for Home Decoration Can Not Be Replaced Easily

Mar 10, 2021

As the popularity of marble, and people to marble love degree rise, more and more adornment material is imitating the grain of marble.

What makes marble so fascinating?

Take a look at the following, and perhaps you will understand why marble is imitated.

First, unique natural texture

Marble has been mined for millions of years and is a favorite material for artists, architects and designers, whether in color, texture, special gloss or in many ways.


Marble texture has become a popular fashion circle, a variety of imitation marble texture fashion items emerge in endlessly.


Many famous design architects are also very fond of marble, they often through the strange shape and marble texture, to create a sculptural minimalist design.


Marble is the material of choice for many artists because it is wear-resistant and durable, and it is also a vehicle for new forms, colors and texture creativity.



Two, advanced decorative effect

Naturally bred out of the texture, rich color, are the reason why marble is respected, is also the reason why marble is imitated, advanced decorative effect, make marble has become a luxury senior place essential.


The Gothic Cathedral of Milan is made of Cantoric marble, with light beige and rose hues.After more than 600 years, the material is still being used for restoration work.



Although marble has been widely used, but it still hides a lot of secrets, there are more possibilities waiting for us to develop.Perhaps because of its authenticity and uniqueness, it is an important creative material whether in product design, architecture or art.