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Preservation of stone to keep dry clean the most important

May 15, 2017

Stone curing should know first stone, stone occurrence pathological changes to prophet its etiology, do not be anxious disorderly drops medical service. Stone cracks, floating, spit yellow, water spots, rust, Bai Hua, fog, and other problems, may be due to excessive water absorption. So the bathroom is best avoided using natural stone. Because of the bathroom water vapor more, natural stone in such an environment, the surface is very easy to become bleak, and produce a similar cloud-like a circle of white stains. Stone surface yellowing phenomenon, may be waxing blocked stone breathing Mao Xikong. Stone to keep the light clean and clean, to regular maintenance and cleaning, also to choose the stone Special Protective agent, or please professional company polishing processing.

Nowadays people also find that waxing can cause some harm to stone, because it is as a kind of airtight cover protection material on the stone surface, the fine hole of stone is sealed after the internal and behind the moisture emitted not out, accumulated in the stone inside the time for a long time cause the stone occurrence pathological changes. There are many owners like to cover the marble floor carpet or debris, moisture can not be through the "capillary hole" volatile out, the stone will be excessive humidity, moisture increase and produce "pathological" problem.

Usually have the color of oil, tea, coffee, coke, soy sauce, ink and other substances, if drops to the stone surface easily through the stone capillary penetration into the stone inside, the formation of difficult to eliminate stains. Once the dirty stuff falls on the stone must be cleared immediately. When cleaning, some ph-unknown detergent, preferably not to use. It is best to use a more dry rag and mop to clean the stones.