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Production Process for Stone Products and Services

Feb 26, 2021

Stone processing a variety of plate processing, special-shaped processing, parquet processing, sculpture processing.Different uses of different processing methods, the following is the process of the introduction!

I. Sample confirmation

Stone sample confirmation is also known as stone sealing sample, sealing sample should be confirmed as: variety (stone name origin), texture, color, texture and product grade.Sealing samples can ensure the full presentation of the design effect, which is a powerful guarantee for the final quality of the project.

2.Raw materials inspection

Rough material inspection needs to have rich experience in stone industry, need to have enough understanding of stone.In addition to meeting the requirements of sealing samples, the specifications of finished products should be taken into account to improve the rate of material output, and adverse factors should be avoided according to experience.

Rough material inspection is divided into bottom inspection and pre-purchase inspection.Use watering can, tape measure and flashlight during inspection, and carefully record the inspected raw material information for use when purchasing.

3. Raw materials procurement

Before purchasing raw materials, communicate the raw materials inspection results with designer or owner to obtain approval.Carefully count the use of stone.

Quantity of raw material + quantity of finished product/rate of material output +3% reserve quantity

When purchasing raw materials, the qualified raw materials with relatively high material rate can be selected according to the specifications of finished products.Timely arrange logistics to return the raw materials to factory after purchasing.

4. Frame saw cutting material

Before cutting, tangential marking and thickness marking are carried out first.Then adjust the saw spacing according to the planned thickness of the large plate;Secure the waste in the ferry car.When cutting, the cutting speed should be controlled well, 30cm/h for limestone and 10-20cm/h for marble.Stone hardness is high, to observe the cutting situation, to prevent the occurrence of knife phenomenon.After opening the material, it is necessary to prepare the short material number, rack number and board number in time.

5. Air is basked in

Stone plate drying, in order to ensure the quality of the back net and glue surface operation.Only stone fully dry, can carry out these two processes.

6.Back mesh

The back net is used for reinforcing, waterproof and air defense drum on the back of stone.

7.Scraping glue

Natural stone surface often has many trachoma, cracks and even holes, affecting the stone phase.Make the board surface more perfect by scraping adhesive.After scraping glue needs to be completely consolidated, usually using drying line operation.

8.Polishing the big board

In addition to the use of artificial hand grinding Huanggang, marble are automatic polishing line operation.

9.Big board inspection

Marble polishing, its gloss requirements >80°;The flatness is <0.3mm;Thickness error is ±1mm

10.Big board scanning

Big board scan can show the real situation of each big board.Provide assistance for the next process "use planning".

11. Use planning

The use of large board planning is conducive to: fully excavate the beauty of stone;To avoid or skillfully exploit natural flaws;Improve lumber yield.

12.The front film

13.Cutting engineering board

Cutting engineering board using infrared bridge cutting machine.Error of length and width should be <0.5mm, error of Angle should be <0.3mm.Cutting should be different according to the stone, the use of appropriate tools, control the correct knife speed, to prevent knife, edge collapse, corner drop and other phenomena.

14.Secondary processing

Engineering board secondary processing, such as: bonding, corner cutting, back, back, slotting, grinding modeling edge, antique surface, engraving surface, etc.

15.Engineering board inspection

Project board inspection content is: size, quantity, appearance quality, number.

16.Stone protection

Stone protection refers to, after the stone drying or drying, the protective agent will be evenly daubed on the six sides of the stone, in order to achieve the function of waterproof and antifouling.

(1).Water absorption rate >1% (tuff, limestone, sandstone) : Addy glue is used on the bottom, sealant is used on the side, and solvent-based protective liquid is used on the front.

(2).Water absorption rate <1% (serpentine, dolomite, calcite) : Addy glue is used on the bottom, sealant is used on the side, and film is applied on the front.

(3).Transparent jade to film the rest do not need, but the construction should pay attention to the phenomenon of color change.

17. Stone packaging

(1)Wooden case: the use of pine wood, thickness of 20mm, wood pillow specifications 100*100mm;Volume of 0.5 m or less after

(2).Pearl cotton pad thickness: 10mm at the bottom, 5mm around and above, 1mm between the stone.

(3).Box loading: stone compaction, stone height is lower than the height of the box 30mm, stone from large to small, from high to low arrangement (especially if only a stone is higher than the rest of the stone 50mm above, the stone can not be placed in the most lateral), stone is not allowed to be stacked directly, the remaining space in the box to fill solid, top fast, placed shaking;Long stone 2-5 pieces bundled together, separated layer, not more than three layers;< 850 mm high

(4).Packing belt: in line with the international packing belt;For the long side <1200mm, the long side and the high side are punched twice, and the position of the packing belt is 1/4 and 3/4;The parallel interval between the packing belt and the packing belt is less than 600mm;Packing tightness is subject to the deformation of the wooden case.

(5).Marking: open box surface, three prevention logo, company logo, project name, box number, packing list and drawing plastic parts.

18.Delivery and Acceptance

According to the supply list and drawings, check the quantity and quality of the stone, fill in the supply visa form, and sign the supply form after acceptance.