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Selection Guide for Marble Tiles

May 15, 2017

High-quality marble tile texture Naturally, compared with natural marble tiles, the average person is difficult to distinguish. Consumers in the choice of marble tiles, can be screened from the ceramic tile color, water absorption.

1. The marble tile color is very abundant, the consumer in the purchase before, can participate in the extensive netizen decoration case, as well as listens to the expert opinion more. In addition, according to personal preferences, combined with the size of the housing space to measure to achieve the best decoration effect.

2. As the marble tiles belong to new things, the market tile specifications uneven, large-size ceramic tile more and more prevalent. The general customer will have "big brick appears the atmosphere" this kind of purchasing mentality, thus ignores the actual home space size. But in fact, the size of the tiles is not the bigger the better. Accurately speaking, the purchase of marble tiles should be based on the actual home space to determine the area, lest affect the aesthetic feeling of room space.

3. Do not rely excessively on the manufacturer's award-winning certificate. In the selection of ceramic tiles, consumers are often confused by the business of the surface of the honor, and ignore the product quality inspection report and radioactive detection report. Judging the pros and cons of marble tiles can not only rely on a variety of certificates, but also from the quality of the product.

4. Generally speaking, marble tiles will have a certain chromatic aberration, and this chromatic aberration will directly affect the overall indoor decoration effect. Consumers in the choice of ceramic tiles, a number of products can be vertically placed on a plane, observing the uneven phenomenon. Next to the two brick edges together, to see if there are gaps.

5. The selection of ceramic tiles not only to judge from the appearance, but also in the experimental operation can not be taken lightly. The water absorption rate is one of the basis for judging tile quality. Pour point water on the back of tiles, see how the water absorption rate, the water absorption rate is the important factor to determine the quality of tile. The lower the absorbent of the tiles, the higher the density of its degree, so that tight brick holes are not easy to absorb moisture and dirt, easier to clean.