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Stone wall cladding tiles installation

Feb 18, 2021

       Stone dry hanging method is also known as empty hanging method.It is a new construction technology in wall decoration at present.In this method, the facing stone is directly hung on the wall or hanging on the steel frame with metal pendant, without grouting and pasting.Its principle is to set the main force point on the main structure, and fix the stone on the building through the metal pendant to form the stone decorative curtain wall.

       Dry hanging is not easy to recover alkali, high firmness, but the thickness of the stone is large, and the general use of Angle steel framework is fixed, which is higher than the cost of wet hanging.It is used in important landscape surfaces in design.Dry hanging stone grooving thickness is about 1/2 of the thickness of stone.Therefore, the thickness of dry hanging stone is generally at least 30 and above.In dry hanging, Angle steel frame is generally used as welding auxiliary keel.Angle steel and square steel main keel welding, the main keel is welded on the steel plate embedded in the wall.Not too high.The Angle steel can be welded directly to the embedded steel plate or directly to the reserved head of the steel bar in the reinforced concrete.

        If you need to do insulation layer in the building, 210 gaps should be reserved from the wall to the inner surface of the dry hanging stone. Generally, 50~80 can be reserved in the landscape, which is determined by the Angle steel specifications used.Dry hanging components generally have three types, L type, √ type, T type.L-type as the top stone dry-hanging connector.Type √ is used to connect and fix the top and bottom stones. Type T is used to connect the middle two stones.After the stone is slotted and filled with glue, it is hung on the pendant that has been welded with the Angle steel keel.