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Summary of The Marble Window Sills

Feb 09, 2021

In order to make good use of space, bay windows have become a place that most buyers value when buying houses. Therefore, the application of bay windows is also a method adopted by most commercial houses now; a bay window sill shape, generally rectangular or trapezoidal, has a triangular shape protruding to the outside, like "small ears." The application of bay windows is to use large-area glass for lighting, which enhances the actual sense of space and visually enlarges the indoor space.

At present, common materials including marble, wood tile, floor tiles and mosaic tiles are generally used to pave the bay windowsill. Because of the unique temperament and texture of marble, it is very popular, so currently the most popular window sill material is marble, so what should be paid attention to when using marble bay window sills? Here is a brief list for everyone:

1. Choose a marble, mainly by looking, on the one hand, you can visually choose the surface and pattern from the surface; on the other hand, you can observe the flatness of the stone and whether there are small holes; again use the grain to see the stone Hardness, generally speaking, the hardness of the stone with inconspicuous grain is greater than that of obvious grain.

2. Find out the price when purchasing stone. When making an inquiry, you need to pay attention to the following: marble price; marble edges need to be edged. Separately check whether the stone price includes edging costs; whether the supply includes the cost of installation, if It does not include, then how to collect the installation fee; if the marble needs to be cut in the jobsite, how they charge. Stone calculation is based on area or length. To clarify the above problems will help us finally confirm the cost of the bay window sills.

3. The width of the marble should not be too narrow. When we choose to cut the marble, taking into account the fragility of the stone, do not cut the stone too narrow, otherwise it is easy to break.

4. According to local conditions, according to the needs of our project and product size, the installation position should be determined. The left and right ears of the outer edge of the stone should be reserved for "small ears" of about 3 cm; at the same time, the laminated edge should be included when calculating the width. 

5. Consider the overall aesthetics. For relatively long bay windows, when the entire piece of marble can not meet the length requirements, the joint is required. The seam method and location should be considered in advance to avoid excessively long seams that affect the display effect.

Reasons for choosing marble for window sills:

Marble bay windows are not afraid of tides, will not deform, and are easy to maintain, but they are relatively cool;

The marble window sill surface has beautiful colors, patterns, high compressive strength and good physical and chemical properties;

The disadvantage is that it will be colder in the cold winter. If you like to take a nap on the marble window sill, you must get a blanket to cushion it.