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Terrazzo Inspired by Opera D’Arte Marble and Granite

Feb 05, 2021

TYPE: Marble
COLOURS: Purple | White | Black | Green | Pink
FINISHES: Polished


Opera D’Arte comes from the old quarries of Opera Fantastico, the quarries are located around the French village Sarrancolin area in the Pyrenees. It is another brecciated marble (stones that are broken up formed into another stone but not merged/melted together, in layman’s terms). Opera d’Arte comes from the lesser available part of the quarry consequently, slabs are difficult to source. Indicating that if you appreciate its beauty and can envision it in your home then grab it while you can.

This natural stone has one of the most unique color schemes (purple, black, green, white and pink) creating a striking effect for any room. Often used for decorative surfaces such as fireplace cladding, Opera d’Arte is a great option for those looking for a distinguished and luxurious look for bathrooms, kitchens, and other design projects with originality in mind. Opera d’Arte is often difficult to source and therefore prized for its rarity and beauty.


Opera D’Arte

Since it is so difficult to get material of Opera D’Arte Marble, so we produced an artificial terrazzo, which is quite similar as Opera D’Arte Marble, please check it as below:

Terrazzo (6)

We named it as Colorful stone terrazzo...