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The detailed whole process for marble floor installation board

Oct 21, 2020

Detailed explanation of the whole process of marble floor construction

Marble flooring tiles get more and more popular, and Using them as the ground will appear high-end atmosphere and improve the grade, especially in public decoration.

  How is such a beautiful ground completed? Let's take a look at the specific construction process. First, use the infrared theodolite to place the line on the ground according to the design layout drawing, so that the vertical and horizontal lines are perpendicular to each other;

   Determine the elevation of the ground from the elevation control points of the floor, and make a control point every some distance on the ground to control the height of the ground when paving;

Scrape a layer of plain cement slurry or interface agent on the ground, and then mix the adjusted dry hard mortar (that is, chicken ash in general), and the mix ratio is about 1:4 with cement and medium sand. , It is advisable to fall into the ground to disperse; spread the mortar smoothly;

Now, under normal circumstances, the marble is made in the factory with six-sided anti-alkali back coating to prevent efflorescence after marble paving; if it is not done, it needs to be done on site before paving; the marble Use adhesive mortar or plain cement slurry to spread a uniform layer on the back side;

  Put the marble on the hard mortar that has just been spread and flattened by hitting it with a leather hammer;

   After paving and pasting the ground, when the strength of the ground meets the requirements, fill the gaps in the ground with a special filler for marble. The ground has been filled and the wall is being filled in the following figure;

   Grind the ground, the ground grinding is completed in three steps;

   Coarse grinding: If the deviation of the flatness of the paving surface is too large, use about 300# diamond resin hard grinding block for grinding with an appropriate amount of water.

  Fine grinding: Use about 1000# diamond resin soft water polishing pad, and grind it until the first light appears.

  Fine grinding: Use 3000# diamond resin soft water polishing pad to spray A2 for grinding and ion exchange, and the gloss will increase very high after fine grinding.

   Polishing treatment: use a crystal surface machine, animal hair pad with 70% animal hair content, 3M pad, nano pad, and marble mirror rejuvenating cream NO2, 2X mirror lock bright knife into the milk Q5 for polishing and grinding.

Crystallization: Use a crystal surface machine with a cleaning pad (white or red) and steel wool selection (1#) to evenly roll the steel wool pan on the white or red cleaning pad, and evenly spray the crystal surface hardener in a watering can Perform crystallization treatment on the surface of artificial marble.