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The details we keep doing to improve the quality of countertops

Feb 22, 2021

一、The thickness of the slab should be between 1.95-2.15cm.

二、The thickness of the polished slab light is 1.90-2.10cm, and the luminosity is 85.

三、Matters needing attention in the major cutting process:

1. The raw materials should be placed firmly and smoothly on the platform.

2. Read and see clearly the big cut diagram of the stone.

3. before cutting large size correction, check to be careful and accurate.

4. After cutting the first three pieces, stop to knock off the first piece of stone skin to 

check the quality of the material.Whether there are dark cracks, bile, color spots, color 

lines and other quality defects;Check whether the thickness of the first three pieces is 

within the allowable tolerance (20mm z 5 mm), and give timely correction.

5. Before and after operation to do a good job of machine inspection, and maintenance 

cleaning, cleaning work.

6. Fill: it is best to cut the thickened plate together (height), especially for the grain 

of stone.

四、Precautions for Thickness Setting Process

1. The actual thickness of fixed thickness is 1.95-2.0cm.Check the thickness with a vernier 


2. Be careful when operating.Paying attention to safety and avoiding damage to the board.

3. before and after operation to do a good job of machine inspection, and maintenance 

cleaning, cleaning work.

五、surface polishing process pay attention to the top;

1. Before polishing, please fill the glue first, the stone plate (especially granite) gap 

to fill out, avoid waiting until the finished product to spend a lot of manpower on the 

beauty glue.

2. The polishing process using a full set of resin abrasive for polishing.

3. Glossiness above 85.

4. When lifting and putting the board, pay attention to avoid accidentally damaging the 


5. The corner part to grind, gloss should be enough.

六、Notes for Bridge Shearing Process:

1. Cut the smooth side up.

2. The saw blade should be sharp.(Sharpen the tip of the knife before cutting.)

3. To control the cutting and cutting speed.

4. There should be processing allowance.(allowance of 3-4 mm, used for 1/2 circle shaping 

the seam shaping to 0.3mm).

5. If it is a grain of stone to be cut out together with the thickened edge, so that the 

grain of the large face and the grain of the thickened edge will come up, and the finished 

product will be beautiful and natural.(a set of a number, and if the direction is grooved 

also indicate the direction).

6. Avoid lack of edge, lack of Angle, not completely cut off, cut crooked, size error and 

other phenomena.

7. Before and after operation to do a good job of machine inspection, and maintenance 

cleaning, cleaning work.

七、Gluing and shaping process:

1. Color should be careful, try to adjust the glue to the same color as the stone.

2. The large plate and the thickened plate should be as close as possible.After sealing, 

use iron fixing clip, fixed, let it glue.

3. Before gluing, try to choose the contact and anastomosis sheet material for gluing.

4. The joint shall not exceed 0.3mm after finishing the glue.

5. When gluing, we should pay attention to scraping the excess glue when the glue is not 

dry, so as to avoid spending a lot of manpower on the scraping glue when the finished 

product is beautifying.

八、Matters needing attention in 1/2 round shaping process:

Because there is a processing allowance (3-4mm), it is necessary to make the 1/2 circle 3-

4mm deeper than the original one without processing allowance, so that the joint after 

gluing is not more than 0.3mm.

九、 Matters needing attention in hand processing revision process:

1. The radian of rotation Angle is 50 degrees.

2. The correction should try to make the corner too smooth and natural.The surface should 

be flat.

3. Handling should be careful to avoid damage to the panel.

十、Notes for small surface polishing process:

1. The plate should be placed on the iron frame or wooden frame, to avoid damage to the 

edge of the platform panel, and to protect the edges and corners.

2. Glossiness is 8 to 5.

3. Small surface grinding should be careful and comprehensive.The line should be straight, 

the curve should be overly smooth and natural, and the corners should be polished in place.

4. The junction or corner excessive to grind to no feel, no wavy feeling, edge grinding to 

a bit will not scratch the hand.

十一、Precautions for Gel and Jiang Rong Process:

1. Display should be strictly according to the name of the stone, color partition, orderly 

placed neatly.Face up, the sides of the glue need to be in the same direction, forming a 

straight line.This is convenient for effective, rapid and accurate plastic makeup.

2. Color should be careful, try to adjust the glue to the same color as the stone.

3. To master the time of glue drying.Avoid glue is too dry to scrape off, or glue did not 

stick, even glue scrape off.

4. Be careful when filling the glue to avoid accidentally stepping on and breaking the 

sheet material.It is strictly prohibited to sit on the sheet for glue filling.

5. It is strictly prohibited to put all kinds of stones together in disorder.

6. Glue filling personnel according to the stone variety or color division of labor 


7. Fill the glue, to clean up the site.The tools are neatly laid out.

十二、Matters needing attention in handling process :(all the two orders shall pay 

attention to, especially forklift handling)

1. The water retaining plate of 102mm shall be put vertically, and it is strictly 

prohibited to put horizontally.

2. Put the light to face the smooth surface.

3. The adhesive surface should be soft (such as foam) back pad.Avoid scratching surfaces.

4. The forklift should be careful in the process of handling, and necessary protective 

measures should be taken to avoid the sheet material falling down and damage caused by the 

forklift touching obstacles or uneven speed.

十三、Precautions for Packaging Process:

1. The packing shall be customized as export wooden cases.

2. Placing and moving should be careful.

3. Face to face discharge.In the middle with styrofoam/plastic separation, to avoid surface 


4. Wooden box production should be strong;The wooden case should be securely nailed.

十四、All processes are finished every day, to ensure that the work site is clean, tidy and sanitary.