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The function of threshold stone

Feb 19, 2021

1、 Easy to close

In decorating, the ground of different space regular meeting uses different adornment material.If you do not use the threshold stone, it will increase the difficulty of construction and is not convenient to close.In addition, the visual transition of the two materials will appear relatively rigid, not natural.

2、Correct the height difference

The materials used in the ground decoration are different. If this problem is not considered in the construction, the ground height of the two Spaces will often be different.In this case, the threshold stone to do a slope or chamfer can be a good solution to the problem of height difference.

3、Water retaining and waterproof

Threshold stone retaining water effect, mainly in the kitchen and bathroom space.Generally speaking, hutch defends the ground to prevent water flow outside, height wants lower than other space.Can have a certain overflow prevention effect to the water in the toilet.