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The Packages Of Marble Counter Tops, Vanity Tops, Table Tops And Tiles

Mar 18, 2021

For the packages of marble counter tops, vanity tops, table tops, we usually pack them with fumigated wooden crate, which can meet the standard quality for exporting, and we will do a lot of protection inside of the wooden crates.

First, we will lay a whole piece of plywood about 1CM thick at the bottom of the crate, which can well protect the edge of the tops from being chipped, and also prevent the product from being bruised during the operation of the forklift.

Secondly, we will use pearl cotton about 1CM thick in the six sides of the crate to prevent the collision between the product and the crate from causing the edge and angle collapse of the product.

Finally, in the process of packaging, we will separate and protect the surface of each piece of marble with thin pearl cotton, in order to prevent scratching of the marble surface caused by possible loosening during transportation to overseas.

About of the marble tiles, we will also pack according to the characteristics of the product, do the best packages.