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The seamless treatment of stone can solve many problems in application

May 15, 2017

1. Prevent gap contamination

If the stone does not do the seamless treatment, in the daily use, the gap between the plates becomes filth place, a lot of dust, mud stranded. On the other hand, the daily cleaning of water, will be stranded in the gap, and various types of pollutants together, resulting in stone pollution, lesions and many other follow-up issues.

2. Functional Requirements

In the day-to-day use, if not seamless treatment, stone by heavy weight roller and bump, it is easy to rupture, lack of angle and so on. Through seamless treatment, effective protection of stone.

3. Decorative Requirements

On the one hand, stone seamless treatment can make a large area of stone to form the overall effect. Also for the subsequent crystallization polishing, laying a good foundation. On the other hand, reduce the pollution caused by cracks in the plates. These are important to the improvement of stone decoration quality.