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The type of black granite

May 15, 2017

Basalt is one of the important rock types in black granite. Color is more black or gray black, fine-grained dense block. Its compressive strength is about 3500~5000kg/cm2, with strong acid resistance, anti-wear, compressive resistance, insulation performance. Basalt is widely distributed in China, and almost every geological age has output. Well-known brands such as Fuding Black. Fuding basalt ores in Fujian province, the rare high-quality black granite basalt ore, natural stone processing enterprises more than more than 500, the annual mining capacity of nearly 100,000 m3. Orderly development, comprehensive utilization is the main direction of its sustainable development. Other natural stone varieties such as Mongolia black. In addition, Yunnan, Heilongjiang basalt stone mining industry is also pending development.

Hui Long Rock is also a black granite important rock type, color more black, pure color. Part of the black dot with white flower decoration, stone varieties such as Forest Green (Hebei, Henan). The rocks are mainly Hui-feldspar, diabase. However, from the commercial purpose attribute, they are all named by granite. Basalt is sprayed out of rocks and darker in color. The mineral particles contain uniform, small, the general naked eye is difficult to distinguish natural stone varieties, even using a magnifying glass is not easy to distinguish. Basalt is the most widely distributed igneous rock. Most of the basalt is in volcanic eruptions, the magma spewed out after the cold air, as the molten lava flows rapidly solidified. Some basalt are intrusive rocks, volcanic eruptions, magma did not spray out the surface, in the earth inside the cold solidification.

The shallow diagenetic rocks of the diabase, the base intrusive rocks, are also the important rock types of the black granite in China. Black granite brands such as Taibai. The Taibai is also called Shanxi Black, called the Night rose in Japan, can be compared with South Africa black, India black, even better than them. According to research, Shanxi black main rock type is diabase, namely the so-called Shanxi black A. In China, the best quality black granite is the Shanxi black a class, and the price is higher than any of the black high-grade granite produced by India. Shanxi Black A contains the following actual mineral composition: The oblique feldspar about 50%%, poly-wafer development; ordinary-variable diopside 35%%; a small amount of medium feldspar, about 5%%; a small amount of minerals have hornblende, black mica, titanium magnetite, etc. According to the structure can be subdivided into large flower, flower and flower three brands, and the best of the fine flowers. Similar varieties, and the town of Heihe County, Hebei province, such as Pingshan. Some of Shanxi black plate polished noodles have some gold spots. Many producers do not like, so the quality of the plate price will be relatively low. If you like this gold-colored black natural stone, and the price is reasonable, the quality of the test is qualified, not dyed, then you will be able to buy very cost-effective.

The first misunderstanding about black hemp: Some people think that all Black hemp granite is the same material. In fact, they may differ greatly in color, quality and price.

For the Black hemp, we all know that Sutareboda, a Swedish-produced granite. This mineral has been developed for several years. In general, Sweden's best-known black granite is a natural stone named Ebony. This natural stone has a strong hardness and high durability. After polishing, a hammer or chisel beats can emit metallic jingle. Of course, this natural stone is also very expensive.