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Weight Of Granite Marble And Quartz Board

Mar 25, 2021

When we calculate the cost, we usually need to know the  weight of the order to calculate the quantity of containers and other costs.When we calculate the weight of the products, we need to know the density of the product first. The following density is for your reference:

1. The density of granite is about 2700-3100kg/m3, the light color granite such as G603 and G655 is about 2700kg/m3, and the black color granite such as black galaxy, India black and China black is about 2700kg/m3

2. The density of marble is about 2500-2800kg/m3

3. The density of quartz stone is about 2500kg/m3

This is the way to calculate the weight of stone products:

Length * Width * Thickness * Density = Weight

For example:One piece of 260*140*2CM black galaxy slab,the weight is 2.6*1.4*0.02*3100=226KGS.