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What is Sintered Stone

Mar 20, 2019

Sintered stone also named Porcelain Slabs in China, it is a new surfacing materials with natural marble veining. It is available in a wide range of veinings and colors that allow it to look like natural marble, even looks more elegant and perfect than natural marble. Sintered stone panels can be with polished, honed or leathered finish.

Sintered stone is with superior performance:

  1. Stain resistant

  2. Scratch resistant

  3. Heat resistant

  4. Frost resistant

  5. Incredibly hard and impenetrable

The above characters make it very well suited for commercial and residential building areas, including outdoor and indoor use.  

Sintered stone panels are typically available in large-format sizes, with standard size as 2410x1210mm which makes it become a preferred choice for many wall, floor, and other interior surfaces in different projects.


Sintered stone


Sintered stone panels


Porcelain slabs