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Why choose our Quartz to make Countertops & Vanitytops

Jun 22, 2018

Yalitong Stone is a professional manufacturer for Countertops and vanitytops with artificial quartz slabs, which can be applied in residential and commercial interior decoration including kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities and office table.

Why choose our quartz to make countertops and vanitytops?

Our quartz surface only uses nature and necessary raw materials during producing process:

     ●We don’t use calcium powder which is very low-price and that ingredient will cause fracture. We never replace fine quartz sand with Calcium Carbonate, so that our quartz surface can always keep the same vivid color after many years.

     ●We do not need to use wax during our polish process on the surface. Waxing process can make polishing easier because if the slabs containing calcium powder, then they are not easy to polish.

     ●We do not use chemical-pickling quartz sand which is bad quality with very low price, otherwise the silicon structure might be destroyed, and the surface will turn to be rusted after using for a while.

     ●Our quartz stone is CE certificated, and also is evaluated and certified by NSF as a safe material for direct food contact. We also have Greenguard Gold certified by UL for low chemical emissions, guaranteeing safety factors to sensitive individuals such as children and the elderly, students in schools and patients in hospitals. The certification ensures final consumers maximum safety and protection.

With strong confidence in the quality and service, Yalitong Quartz surface offers customers a 15-year and a 10-year warranty respectively for residential and commercial projects.