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Why choose quartz countertops?

Jun 20, 2017

Why choose quartz countertops?

Quartz surfaces and countertops are rapidly gaining popularity among homeowners as well as kitchen and bath designers in USA market. Because quartz countertops offer you a beautiful polish style and provide durable countertop function, it gets more advantages than granite and marble:

1. Quartz is a combination of the natural quartz mineral and several other additives, their makeup is about 93% quartz, with the remainder made up by a resin binder and color additives. It is green material;

2. Various colors available for homeowerners or designers; consistent color patterns

3. Scratch resistant;

4. Non-porous surface;

5. Sealers are completely unnecessary;

6. Highly resistant to odor and bacteria contamination;

7. Stain-resistant; recommend to use gentle liquid cleaner; cos prolonged exposure to cleaners with a high PH level than 5 may discolor the surface;

8. Scorch resistant, but always use a trivet or hot pad between the countertop and any heat device to avoid any damage;

9. Quartz countertop is with great looking; strong; dependable and cleanable;

Color options:

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