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21st Century Green Building Material-- Marble Composite Tile

Jun 13, 2017

Marble is highly appreciated as the decoration material by the construction industry customers because of its natural material and with many different options for the colors and veinings, breathable, permeable characteristics. However this breathable and permeable characteristics make natural marble easy to get yellow,with efforescence.In the market there is more than thousands of natural marble manufacturers with serious competition among each other. Those processing marble machineries and equipments and technologies are similar, Besides improvement from the management, most of manufacturers began to consider technological innovation in order to lower cost from resources, such as producing tiles from 1 m2 to 3-4 m2. And other materials combined with the board, to avoid weaknesses, fruitfully improve or improve the performance characteristics of the original marble tiles, greatly expanding the scope of application of the original marble, and significantly reduce the price, which still keeps marble natural colors and veinings, which is kind of new product for marble - marble composite tile.

Excellent Characteristics:

1. Antiseptic: tested in 2% HCL solution soak for 24 hours without change, in saturated CA (OH) 2 solution soak for 24 hours without change

2. Light weight: the material is much lighter than the same construction area of marble, only 30% of solid marble, reducing the load capacity of the building, lowering transportation cost

3. Convenient installation: easier installation and maintenance, with the same installation process as ceramic tils, it can be made with dry hanging structure, saving construction cost and time

4. Flame retardant: the National Fire Building Materials Quality Supervision and Inspection Center identified the material performance indicators are in line with the requirements of flame retardant materials: according to GB8624-1997 set, the material combustion performance to GB8624-B1

5. Sound and heat insulation: the material from the two differentmaterials, so that the transmission of sound waves and heat is severely restricted, resulting in noise and heat insulation, heat preservation, without deformation

6. Moisture-proof: the material has low water absorption, the surface using advanced technology, the color will not be changed in a long-term period, as well as no mildew and deformation in the humid environment.

7. High strength: Expansion strength, flexural strength, shear strength are in line with national standards, and composite tile backing with ceramis tiles can weaken the natural mechanism of marble fragility, to ensure that the strength of the pressure and the panel in the larger area can maintain at a high degree of flatness

8. Environmental protection: The ultra-thin marble structure greatly reduces the radioactive contamination of natural stone

9. Color: the composite tile can maintain the natural colors and venings of marble

10. The high rate of output: Our marble composite series include marble backing with ceramic tile/granite/aluminum, reasonable and effective use of stone resources, which reduce the waste and increase the yield of marble material.

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