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Consumers Can Detect The True And False Of Marble Mesa In The Following Five Ways

May 15, 2017

A look: visual samples of pure color is not muddy, permeability is good, the surface has no similar plastic texture, plate side no small holes;

Two touch: Hand touch the surface of the sample has silk feeling, no sense of astringent, no apparent roughness. (This can be distinguished by the use of aluminum hydroxide, or the use of calcium carbonate);

3-Stroke: with nails on the surface of plates, no obvious scratches;

Four trials: can use soy sauce Test mesa permeability (results for non-penetration); using edible vinegar to test whether the addition of calcium carbonate (results for non-discoloration and no powder); Use lighter-burning Mesa sample (Results for flame retardant, not open flame, acrylic content higher table less flavor);

5 Check: Inspection products have ISO quality system certification, environmental protection logo certification, quality report, there is no warranty card and related security logo.