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How To Distinguish Natural Marble And Man-made Marble

May 15, 2017

One, natural marble color more translucent, will have a large area of natural texture. The man-made marble color is cloudy, and there is no texture.

Two, drops on a few dilute hydrochloric acid, natural marble blistering, man-made marble is foaming weak or even not foaming.

(1) See the marble surface is there is no fine veins and tiny cracks, stone is easiest to break in these places.

(2) Natural stone will contain three kinds of radioactive elements released by radon, (although less granite) according to the number of harmful gases, according to the "than live" judgement, than the activity from high to low, in turn red, meat red, gray, white, black marble.

(3) Marble section A, B, c Three types of stone, indoor recommended a type of stone. Notice, TENS, millions.

(4) If the above method feels too professional, oneself cannot judge at all, the following introduction one of the most simple way: in the stone back drops a drop of blue ink, if the ink quickly scattered around, (about 10 seconds) that the quality of stone is not good, (small storefront accounted for 90%). Conversely, if the ink drops in the place, the stone is dense texture.