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How To Maintain Granite Stone

May 15, 2017

The newly laid granite ground is unfavorable to do the bottom wax and the wax: why the new granite ground is not suitable for the wax and wax, we can make a comparison of it and marble can be concluded.

Marble surface, regardless of the new and old, is composed of calcium carbonate crystals, particles large, so the pores, even after careful polishing, under the microscope can still see uneven interface, this subtle porosity is the advantage of wax falling: When coated with the bottom wax, the bottom of the molecular weight of small, strong permeability, coupled with capillary effect, soon the bottom wax is adsorbed on the surface of the marble film, when the bottom wax moisture completely volatile, the adsorption force is greater, this adsorption is essential, It is used to counteract the force exerted on the surface of the person moving and dragging items without leaving the wax surface to the ground.

And for the newly laid granite ground, its main ingredient is quartz, mica, feldspar crystal, the density is big, the hardness is extremely high, coupled with the artificial polishing, makes the granite surface few pores, so when the wax falls, the bottom wax can not penetrate, no capillary effect, of course, there is no or only a very faint adsorption force, such wax surface when people walking on it, it is easy to fall off, making wax work useless.

In response to this situation, for the newly laid granite, after laying six months to one years, just spray cleaning and maintenance wax to prevent stains infiltration granite, and maintain its surface brightness can be. Because of the different people walking through each day, the intensity of the granite surface wear different, after a period of time.