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Material Identification Of Marble Plates

May 15, 2017

1. Dropping a drop of ink on a marble slab, such as the ink quickly dispersed into the marble slab, means that the marble flat particles are loose, the stone quality is inferior. But if the ink drops do not penetrate, the marble slab of internal particles dense, good quality stone.

This is actually a simple test of the water absorption of marble plates, if the ink droplets can not penetrate the stone texture is relatively dense, low water absorption rate. But the surface of the marble slab will generally brush a layer of protective agents to prevent stains infiltration. Even if the customer sees the ink droplets not penetration is likely to be a protective agent at work, not the marble slab itself performance embodiment. Because the lower water absorption rate of marble slabs in the use of the process of humidity changes less prone to damage the accuracy, so it can be considered that the small water absorption of the marble slab is better.

2. Tap the marble slab, and pay attention to the sound, if the sound crisp, the marble slab is a good quality, internal fine uniform no cracks. If the sound is rough, it proves that the marble slab has cracks and loose texture. This test can only show that the texture of the marble plate is more rigid, brittle and high strength, and can not be used as the sole criterion for judging the quality of marble slabs, because the sound of the marble slab has a certain relationship with its own size.

Because the marble plate chooses the natural form stone, the flaw is unavoidable. At the same time the quality of processing equipment is also caused the defects of marble slab. Some marble slabs have defects (cracks, sand holes, etc.), according to national standards, all grades of marble slabs permitted to have certain defects, detailed provisions can be referenced below the technical requirements.