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The Substitution Of Original Dark Grey Granite G654

Mar 31, 2021

The advantages of dark grey granite Original G654 are with dense structure, hard texture, acid and alkali resistance, heat and frost resistance, and it can be used for long-lasting outdoor decoration. It is suitable for many different kinds of processing, such as polished, honed, flamed, bush hammered and so on.

New G654 low price

Grey can go with many colors, it gives people a sense of deep and steady, so a lot of designers like it very much, especially the European designers.

Because of Original G654 is not very expensive material, it is often used in large plazas, courtyards, parks and other large projects. it can be fabricated to be different products including flooring tiles, stairs, kerbstones, paving tiles, wall claddings, kitchen countertops, etc.

Substitution of Original Dark Grey granite G654

However, due to the shortage of materials, the price of Original G654 is getting higher and higher, so many projects give it up. So people have to look for so other substitutions.In fact, many substitutions have been found.However due to the quality is relatively unstable, such as the impurities and color variation, which makes the project very difficult to be installed well.

New G654

Now we have a New G654 which can solve this problem.The price is more competitive than Original G654, and it's very similar to Original G654, especially for flamed surface. It's a perfect substitution for Original G654. The most important thing is that its quality is very stable and guaranteed.

If you are looking for the substitution of Original G654, this will be your best choice. For any new enquiry, please feel free to contact us.

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