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Why And How Do We Cut Granite Countertops Sink Cutout

Jul 06, 2017

Why and How do we cut granite countertops sink cutout?

Currently more and more contractors choose to buy stone materials for residential and commercial projects from Chinese supplier directly. As for the kitchen counters, it always requires a stainless steel sink cutout, and a ceramic sink cutout for vanity tops. 

As Chinese labor cost is always cheaper than overseas;

making the sink cutout in the jobsite will request very proper tools, and professional workers;

In order to be more competitive in the price and installation efficiency, most of projects dealers choose to buy tops from China with sink cutouts already.

Our workers in our factory have the ability to do the work well.

First we follows clients' drawings, and make a sink cutout template:

  • The first step when cutting a sink hole into a granite counter top is to layout the template. Set the granite slab on a stable surface and accurately measure the exact location of the sink following the template for the hole, which is usually 1/2 to 1 inch smaller in width and length than the sink itself. Also following the template to locate the faucet holes as well.

Cutting the Holes

  • To cut the faucet hole set the granite slab onto stable diamond drill machine. Drill into the slab straight down with your masonry bit to form the holes. The sink hole is cut with a diamond bit saw or other granite cutting material using a professional stone cutting saw along with flowing water.

If you need stainless steel sinks and ceramic sinks from China, We can work together to find the right one for your projects.