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Why Volakas White Marble Is Getting More And More Expensive Again?

Nov 02, 2020

Volakas White marble, a kind of stone that resembles a picture scroll, is not only the mainstay of the "romantic kingdom" Greece, it also has a deeper meaning in China. Our Chinese have always been fond of landscapes and like to use colors to outline the beauty of nature on rice paper. Volakas White, with color between white and gray, is the most natural landscape painting without carving.


Volakas White-Top class, honorable, elegant, deeply hidden traces of historical civilization, conveying the weight of history, and easily highlight the "master-level" decorative performance. Art embellishes the taste of life, and the level of beauty is ready to come out.



The most simple element is the most confident design language, presenting the highest level of soul world. Regardless of material, pattern, finish, Volakas White marble is deeply loved by designers and owners, and is widely used in high-end hotels, high-end villas, and high-end leisure places.

Volakas white marble has high processing adaptability, low hardness, easy carving, and unique texture. It is an excellent building material and decoration material, so it is very popular and loved by people.

Of course, Volakas White also has some shortcomings, but under its beautiful face, these shortcomings are acceptable.


1. Because the material of volakas white marble is relatively loose and soft, its water absorption rate is relatively high.

2. Because the volakas white marble has many textures, it is easy to be stained, bended, and faded of shiny polishing degree.

3. Volakas white stone contains calcium oxide, which forms calcium carbide after reacting with rainwater. Because the volume of calcium carbide is larger than calcium oxide, it will damage the surface of the stone and cause cracks.

4. When paving, the alkali in the cement will corrode, and the stone will lose its color and be damaged. When it is used as the ground, it needs to be waterproof or painted with a primer to make it seal and resist alkali.

Protective measures:

1. Volakas White is a white stone, which is easy to be stained. It is recommended to do sealer treatment for all sides of the stone. Waterproof adhesive is best for wet paste.

2. Volakas white is easy to be deformed, and the size should not be too large. If you make a curved board, it is best to install it as soon as possible after processing.