Granite Uba Tuba Vanity Top

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Granite is a common tyeple of material which widely used for kitchen top and vanity top, Uba Tuba is a popuar color and we have good sales of this color for hotel and apartment projects in the America.

Granite is nearly alway massive,hard and tough.It's natural and with unique textures and colors.Tops made in this material looks nice and elegant.


Granite is often used in advanced building renovation projects due to its high hardness and wear resistance, for example, the floor of the lobby. Because granite is harder and more acid-resistant than marble, it is more suitable for outdoor balconies, courtyards, guest dining floors and window sills in home decoration. Marble can be used for countertops, counters, and countertops. Granite stone has no colored stripes, most of them only have colored spots, and some are solid colors. The finer the mineral particles, the better, indicating that the structure is tight and strong.

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