Hebei Black Granite Vanity Top

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Huayan is a unique material. The physical characteristics of these are mainly the following porosity/permeability: the physical permeability of granite is almost negligible, and the thermal stability is between 0.2% and 4%: granite has high strength and resistance to granite. Stone thermal stability, it does not change due to changes in external temperature, granite due to its high density and will not change due to changes in temperature and air composition. Granite is highly resistant to corrosion and is therefore widely used in storage chemical corrosion. The ductility of granite ranges from 4.7x10-6 to 9.0x10-6 (inch x inch). Color: the color of the granite and The material is highly consistent in hardness: granite is the hardest building material and it has excellent wear resistance due to its super hardness.


Standard size of Vanity Top: 31"-61"x22"-25", any sizes based on customer's requirement

Thickness: 3/4" or 1 1/4" 

Edge treatment: Eased and Polished, Full Bullnose, Half Bullnose,Laminted Eased and Polished,Laminated Full Bullnose,Laminated Half Bullnose

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