Tian Shan Red Granite Kitchen Tops with Backsplash

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Tian Shan Red Granite Kitchen tops with backsplash

Tianshan Red red is a red granite quarried from China with llittle color variation , good quality and can keep color consistency in sunshine and acid rain. It is very suitable for indoor and outdoor construction decoration, including Interior flooring tiles, Wall cladding, exterior paving tiles, Kitchen tops, Vanity tops and steps etc.

Name: Tianshan Red granite

Color: Red granite

Origin: China

Recommended Usage: Interior wall and floor applications, countertops, Tables and vanity tops.

Finishing Surface: Polished mainly for tops

Material data:

Water Absorption: 0.4%

Compressive Strength: 159.6 MPa

Density: 2600 kg/m3

Flexural Strength: 3.1 MPa


Description for Tianshan Red Granite Kitchen Tops:

1)Surface Processing: Polished surface with bullnose edge for the kitchen tops; polished surface with eased edges for the backsplash

2)Kitchen tops: 240x60x2 cm
  Backsplash: 240x15x2cm

3)Thickness: 20mm single edge

And other measurement as per Projects and Customers' Requierments, please email us and we will quote you a reasonable price, for sure our granite can meet your budget.

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