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Chinese Quartz Kitchen Tops

White artificial quartz stone Bathroom Vanity Top From Xiamen Yalitong stone Factory

We can make the quartz vanity tops and counter tops exactly according to your specifications and colors requirements. Your drawings will be highly appreciated.


Chinese quartz kitchen tops standard Specification

Kitchen countertop: 24"x96", 26"x96", 28"x96", 28"x108", etc.

Countertop Peninsula: 36"/39"/28" x 78", etc.

Countertop Island: 66"/84"/86" x 42", etc.

Countertop Snack Bar: 12"/15"/18" x 78", etc.

Bathroom Vanity: 25"/31"/37"/49"/60" x 22", etc.

Thickness: 2cm,  2cm+2cm, 3cm, etc.

Edge options: single bullnose, singe square, double bullnose, double square, etc.



Timeless function and quality

Stains, bacteria and dirt with low porosity surfaces


Easy to maintain, highly resistant to scratches or abrasion

Polished granite lasts for a long time, with natural luster

Highly durable and can withstand everyday kitchen use compared to traditional countertops

You can choose colors and patterns to create a personalized look

Each stone countertop is unique

For any enquiry regarding our Chinese quartz kitchen tops, please contact us:

WhatsApp:+86 13859955059 (Sophy)
                  +86 13606008877 (Lily)

Contact 1:  Sophy Zhou

Email: sophy@yalitong-stone.com

Contact 2:  Lily Lin

Email: lily@yalitong-stone.com