Crema Marfil Quartz Countertop

Crema marfil quartz countertop
Our Fantasy brown quartz, is very good substitution of Crema Marfil marble
it is also named Crema Marfil quartz

Product Details

Crema Marfil Quartz Countertop

Traditional Crema Marfil is very famous beige marble imported from Spain, which is very nice beige tone marble and good for flooring and wall tiles, bathroom vanitytops, but we don't recommend to use Crema Marfil marble to make kitchen countertop, because it is softer than granite and quartz, it is easy to get stained as the kitchen counter.

That's the reason we use Crema Marfil quartz as the substitution of Crema marfil marble, when you want to install that material in your kitchen.

Our Fantasy brown quartz, is very good substitution of Crema Marfil marble, then it is also named Crema Marfil quartz.

Our factory has professional machine to make mitered edge Crema Marfil quartz countertop, the countertop slab must be expertly cut at a 45 degree angle and perfectly mounted for the pattern of the stone to remain consistent. A mitered edge creates a seamless edge between the top of the countertop and a second piece of stone to createa specialty edge. 

Our factory has extensive experience  with mitered edge for commercial and residential projects. Both natural stone and quartz countertop materials can be mitered.

Description of Crema Marfil quartz countertop:

Fantasy Brown Vein Serie quartz

Thickness: 30mm slabs with mitered edge height 50mm

Color: Beige color with grey veins,  similar to marble Crema Marfil

Edge: mitered edge eased

Standard sizes: 96"-108"x26", 96"-108"x4", 76"x36",84"x36", 96"x36", 66"x42", 96"x48", with one cooktop cutout and one undermount stainless steel kitchen sink cutout.

HS Code: 68101910

Product performance:

1. Non porous, Non-absorbent

2. Color Consistency

3. Antibacterial, anti-mold, anti-mildew

4. Scratch resistant

5. Stain resistant

6. Heat resistant

7. Maintenance Free

8. Resistant to household chemicals

Crema Marfil quartz Countertop

From Xiamen Yalitong stone Factory

We can make the quartz counter tops and vanity tops with slabs exactly according to your dimensions and colors requirements. Your drawings are appreciated.