Grey Quartz Kitchen Counters, Vanity Tops and Tiles

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Grey Quartz Kitchen Counters, Vanity tops and Tiles

Currently the demand for quartz stone keep increasing, specially grey quartz, our good sales in USA market is color YLT-112

Slab dimension: 3200x1600mm ; 3200x1400mm; 3000x1600mm; 3000x1400mm; 2800x1600mm; 2800x1400mm;

Thickness: 20mm or 30mm

Finish: Polished surface

Grey quartz

Our quartz products mainly has the following features:

1. High hardness, quartz stone is made up of 92% natural quartz crystal as the main ingredient, which makes it element harder texture, good density, strong resistance and compressive;

2. Durable brightness, Our quartz is made under conditions of vacuum and high pressure and dense non porous composite material, excellent acid and alkali corrosion resistance;

3. High heat resistance, natural quartz crystal with its melting point up to 1300 degrees or more, completely high temperature resistance;

4. We pass the national non toxic test and the national health standard certification, green environmental protection.Our quartz is the most ideal option for kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops, dining tables, coffee bar, and office tables etc.

Some production pictures attached:

Grey quartz (2).JPG

Grey quartz with square edge

Grey quartz (6).JPG

Grey quartz with square edge

Grey quartz (8).JPG

Grey quartz surface protection

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