White Artificial Quartz Window Sill

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Quartz stone, engineered stone or artificial stone type, also known as agglomerates or agglomerates, is a mixture of about 93% natural quartz aggregates and 7% colored pigments and polymer resins. The resin binds the granules together and uses some of the newer versions of the cement mixture to compress the slab using a vibration compression vacuum process. Quartz plates are often referred to as "quartz surfaces" or "quartz." The most common applications are interior flooring, wall cladding, and quartz-based products are primarily used in kitchen countertops.

Artificial stone products are becoming more and more popular; they are used in many shopping centers and department stores around the world for flooring and decoration. Recent research reports show that there is almost no performance difference between quartz-based products and traditionally used granite.


1. Good Stain Resistance: This material has no air pore,it's highly resistant to stains from coffee, wine, tea, fruit juice etc.
2. High.Heat Resistance: It will withstand limited exposure to heat without burning or scorching.  
3. Excellent Strength: It has four times of the flexural strength of granite, much strong for using,shipping & installation.
4. No Color Difference:  For same lot production, the color can be controlled to same. It's good to make big size , such as L-shape or U-shape Ktichen tops which need seams.

5. No Radiation: It's safe to touch food and body directly, no radiation and green to environment.

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