White Quartz Vanity Tops

White Quartz Vanity tops for sale
Product Description white Quartz Vanity tops From Xiamen Yalitong stone Factory
We can make the quartz vanity tops and counter tops exactly according to your...

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3/4" or 1 1/4" or 3/4" +3/4" edges laminated  


Bathroom vanity top


Customized or samples color provided. 



Edges finishing

Eased & polished; bullnosed, ogee, dupont edges, laminated flat   edges. 

Sink cutoiut

1 or 2 cutout with faucet holes.


4" or 6" high 


7" or 8" high                                    


Foam plastic inside & wooden crates outside  


1. Scratch resistance: quartz stone is composed of 93% quartz, with 7 % of resins, color pigments and other. And quartz is the natural material that is less hard than diamond. It can not be scratched by metal tools or any other similar object. 

2. Stain resistance: quartz stone is free from substances like olive oil, lemon, and wine in the kitchen because our products are produced in the vacuum condition and its water absorption is extremely low. The surface of our quartz stone does not require additional maintenance. A neutral detergent is good enough to clean the surface. 

3. Long life products: the surface of the stone is polished quartz. The glossy surface is free from liquid stain, etc. The surface of quartz remains shiny again after a long time use. 

4. Heat resistance: Comprising 93% natural quartz, stone quartz provides a higher level of heat resistance compared to most man-made stone surfaces. 

5. Environmental friendly: quartz the stone is composed of natural quartz. And the surface of our products is non-porous, scratch resistant and highly resistant to stains. Has no way to retain dirt and bacteria; which makes us a good option to use quartz stone for our kitchen countertops and vanitytops.

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