China Portoro Marble Sink Bathroom

China Portoro Marble sink
Color: China Portoro marble
Dimension: 15-21" Dia.

Product Details


It is a vesel sink made from a natural stone rock, carved by hand into a sink. China Portoro Marble sinks vary from 15" Dia. to 21" Dia. This natural marble sink is very unique and different from each other, which gives a modern and elegant felling to your bathroom. The polished bowl looks beautiful and very easy to be cleaned.

   ●  China Portoro Marble stone

   ●  Round or Oval Shape

   ●  Beige to gold; or Grey to Black

   ●  15-21" Dia. x 5-6" Height

   ●  Polished bowl   

   ●  Drain opening fits standard 1 5/8" 

   ●  MOQ: 20PCS per order

雅典金花 (3).JPG
雅典金花 (4).JPG
雅典金花 (5).JPG

For any enquiry regarding our China Portoro Marble sink for bathroom, please contact us:

WhatsApp:+86 13859955059 (Sophy)
                  +86 13606008877 (Lily)

Contact 1:  Sophy Zhou


Contact 2:  Lily Lin


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