Nero Marquina Pedestal Sinks Black

Marble pedestal sinks
Color: Nero Marquina marble
Dimension: As per order

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Nero Marquina Pedestal Sinks Black

Marble stone Pedestal sinks are simple and elegant choices for large and small bathrooms alike. 

See our recommendations for the best pedestal sink for your home.

The overall size of the area where you’re installing the sink is an important consideration before deciding between marble pedestal and vanity styles. Vanities can seem too big if they’re in a small bathroom or powder room because they take up a significant amount of wall and floor space. There are alternatives, including shallow bathroom vanities, which take up less room as well as small vanities with glass doors that appear to create more space.

Marble Pedestal sinks can create the illusion of a larger room because of the open area under and around the sink. If you have beautiful flooring, then more will be visible with this type of sink.

A marble pedestal sink is easier to clean as the entire surface area is exposed and can be wiped down. Vanity sinks provide more corners and crevices where dirt can get caught. Not only must the sink be cleaned, but the cabinetry and surrounding surface areas need to be maintained as well. 

   ●  Marble stone pedestal sink

   ●  Round or Oval Shape or customerized

   ●  Many different colors available

   ●  Around 33"-34" Height

   ●  Polished bowl

   ●  Drain opening fits standard 1 5/8" 

   ●  MOQ: 20PCS per order

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