Bianco Romano Granite Slab

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Bianco Romano granite is a stone mined in several quarries in large areas of Brazil. Like most other white granites, it is easily contaminated or overheated by liquids. This type of granite is primarily why it is used as a kitchen countertop rather than a floor material. It is therefore important to keep the Bianco Romano granite countertops dry and clean. Because this granite does not have a large mineral deposit pattern, if it occurs in a white area, any dyeing that does occur is easy to see. The original nature of this stone attracts many people, and even the smallest stains can destroy the overall appearance of your countertop. Despite all this misfortune and gloom, you don't need to put too much pressure on it because the table does not get dirty immediately when it comes into contact with liquids. But make sure that any spills are cleaned up reasonably quickly - don't let them stay wet overnight.


Color: White

Origin: Brazil

Application: countertops,floorings,wall tiles etc.

Water Absorption: 0.14%

Compressive Strength: 123.5Mpa

Density: 2760kg/M3

Flexural Strength: 16.7Mpa

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